The Vault of Contemporary Art

The Architecture Drawing Prize: 5 Year Retrospective | Now open until 14 March 2022 | In partnership with Sir John Soane’s Museum and World Architecture Festival |

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The Architecture Drawing Prize: 5 Year Retrospective

Gallery Map

Explore each room to reveal the
artwork on display.

Gallery 1
Light, Space, Shade

Gallery 2
Utopian Cities

Gallery 3
Dystopian Visions

Gallery 4
Harmony with Nature

Gallery 5
Studies in Monochrome

Gallery 6
Friends of The Architecture Drawing Prize

Gallery 7
Drawing with Thread

Gallery 8
This Crowded City

Gallery 9
Jerome Xin Hao Ng

Gallery 10
Understanding the City

Gallery 11
Ruins Reimagined

Gallery 12
The Architecture Drawing Prize 2021

The Vault of Contemporary Art's inaugural exhibition ‘Perfect Spaces by Ben Johnson’ recently ended its course. Curated by the V&A's Keeper of Design, Architecture and Digital, Christopher Turner, the virtual exhibition covered almost 50 years of Johnson's career.

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