The Vault of Contemporary Art

The Architecture Drawing Prize: 5 Year Retrospective | In partnership with Sir John Soane’s Museum and World Architecture Festival |

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The Architecture Drawing Prize: 5 Year Retrospective

Gallery Map

Explore each room to reveal the
artwork on display.

Gallery 1
Light, Space, Shade

Gallery 2
Utopian Cities

Gallery 3
Dystopian Visions

Gallery 4
Harmony with Nature

Gallery 5
Studies in Monochrome

Gallery 6
Friends of The Architecture Drawing Prize

Gallery 7
Drawing with Thread

Gallery 8
This Crowded City

Gallery 9
Jerome Xin Hao Ng

Gallery 10
Understanding the City

Gallery 11
Ruins Reimagined

Gallery 12
The Architecture Drawing Prize 2021

Curated by the V&A's Keeper of Design, Architecture and Digital, Christopher Turner, the Vault of Contemporary Art's inaugural exhibition ‘Perfect Spaces by Ben Johnson’ covered almost 50 years of Johnson's career.

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