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The Architecture Drawing Prize: 5 Year Retrospective

  • 30 November 202114 March 2022
  • In partnership with Sir John Soane’s Museum, World Festival Architecture and The Architecture Drawing Prize
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This exhibition revisited some of the most impressive and innovative submissions to The Architecture Drawing Prize since its launch in 2017.

Established by Make Architects in partnership with Sir John Soane’s Museum and the World Architecture Festival, the Prize celebrates the importance of drawing in capturing and communicating architectural ideas. Each year, it inspires vivid reflection on the role of drawing in architecture today, both as an art form and a practical skill, with hundreds of entries received to date from students, designers and artists across several dozen countries.

The exhibition featured more than 30 drawings across 12 rooms, including the individual category winners of the 2021 Prize. Between them were real-life proposals and utopian fantasies, ideas that explored, imagined and reinvented the futures of our buildings and cities. Harnessing a variety of themes and subjects, they embraced the creative use of digital tools and renderings while also demonstrating the enduring importance of hand drawing.

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